Do you already know Shangpree? It specializes in skin care in accordance with Korean rituals. This luxury brand was created in 1990 by the masters of esthetics of Shangpree SPA, a place known all over the world and often visited by Korean celebrities. Every Shangpree esthetician must complete a 3-year training course that confirms that they have mastered the highest standards of care! The experts from the SPA have developed “The Esthetician Formula” which is now applied in all their products. It uses the power of natural active ingredients and delivers them to the skin, taking care of its beauty and health. Effects are remarkable. You don’t have to go all the way to Korea. You can experience the best treatments signed by Shangpree SPA in the comfort of your own home. Sounds tempting, huh? Let your skin feel it.


Look at this soothing and beautifying line! Imagine how the skin under your eyes feels instant relief. Shangpree offers a variety of water-soluble hydrogel eye masks. They are highly absorbent, make a better fit and gently replenish moisture and nutrients to the delicate eye area. The multitude of colors and ingredients allows for full care. All eye masks leave a refreshed, regenerated and soothed skin around the eyes, but their individual ingredients allow for more advanced properties. Decide what you need now.

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Who doesn’t love sheet masks? More than one home spa admirer will admit that applying it is an extremely soothing experience. In the range of this category we distinguish Aroma Blend (professionally blended plant oils) and Marine Jewel (amazingly soft velvety sheets and effective oceanophyte components). Shangpree sheet masks will have a beneficial influence on your face: we have ones that offer illuminating, nourishing, soothing and moisturizing effects. Which miracle do you need?

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This is a revolutionary line for Korean facecare lovers. Among the Premium Modeling Masks we can distinguish: Gold, Silver, Black and Green. A new formula requires no water. These masks provide long-lasting moisture retention and intensive cooling and tightening results. Each color has a slightly different effect, but all masks cling perfectly to the skin and are easy to use. This extraordinary formula provides all active ingredients deeply absorbed. Your “at-home-spa” experience will be taken to the next level!

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Do you need a nourishing rejuvenating formula? Cosmetics from S-ENERGY LINE contain Scullcap Callus Culture, Oxygen and Violet Herb Comples. This combination activates the skin’s metabolism and prevents aging. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and regenerative properties. The cosmetics enhanced by the action of oxygen reduce disturbances in skin pigmentation. Thanks to S-ENERGY LINE, the skin will be moisturized and cleansed of toxins. This line contains both Cleansers and Skin Care Cosmetics.

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