Jumiso is a Korean brand launched in 2016. And what does this name mean? Actually, it’s super optimistic! Miso is Korean for ‘smile’ and ‘Ju’ means ‘to give’. Their mission is obvious and they fulfill it by providing amazing cosmetics and sharing their values. This brand encourages us: Smile ON! And also wants to make everyone cONfident, to show that skincare wONders and to make a bONding community. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Would you like to be a part of this community? Remember that even if you are very busy, you should find a peaceful moment for daily care. Look straight into your face in the mirror, smile at yourself tenderly and … take care of your skin. Jumiso will be there with you. The brand supports active and ambitious women. Important: All their products are 100% vegan!


Have you heard of Cupra sheet masks? They may become your skin’s new BFFs! These products are made of the 100 % mildest cotton yarn with the finest quality. Thanks to their delicate material, they adhere to the face, but the skin breathes freely. Absorption of the valuable ingredients is very quick. This formula minimizes the skin damage. Five different products soothe and take care of your face while you are resting. You can choose First Skin-Brightening, Rich-Nourishment, Chewy-Elasticity, Water-Splash or Whoa,Whoa-Soothing. Look at this line and order your favorite Cupra sheet mask!

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The brand offers a whole range of cosmetics whose main task is to make the skin healthy and beautiful. Among them there are amazing facial creams, serums, toners and cleansers. All of them have a specific purpose. “All Day Vitamin” line offers the perfect balance to the face skin. But that’s not all! Do you need a perfect soothing effect? And maybe your skin desires calming or purifying? Be sure to get acquainted with Jumiso cosmetics so that both: a beautiful skin and a radiant smile will appear on your face.

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