CETTUA: Clean & simple? This is the thing you want!

There is something extremely cute about this brand! And cuteness is not their only advantage. Get to know Cettua! This word literally means “This is the thing you want”. Find out if it’s true and see their wide offer! Their products are designed especially for people who are looking for a simple and effective solutions. What else? Cettua goods are intended both for basic care (hydrating, brightening and cleansing) and special care. They describe themselves as “clean & simple” and it perfectly reflects the spirit of the brand. There is no pretentiousness here. Basic, pretty, girly packaging with products that are supposed to help the skin. Certainly, these Korean products will be invaluable help in in your daily care.


They say: clean & simple. That’s why Cettua offers an easy way to get rid of the problem by putting their products on the face and tearing it off. They have cleansing strips that are always worth having in your cosmetic bag. The problematic areas full of clogged pores are usually in the T (forehead-chin) and U (cheeks-chin) zones. Cettua’s products help to keep these areas clean and pretty. Another thing worth mentioning are special products that you apply directly to even the smallest imperfections. Get rid of them!

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There is no doubt about that all skin types deserve to be soothed and cared for. This is perfect, because these masks and eye pads are suitable for all skin types. Cettua products offer real brightening and firming of the skin. Their masks and eye pads relieve fatigued complexion and guarantee a younger, fresher look. They are dermatologically tested and do not contain parabens, pigments and fragrances. Put these wonderful things on your face and feel true relaxation. Let the magic of Korean skin care amaze you!

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Hand & Foot Care Line from Cettua is a real gift! Do you have a problem with dry palms? The regenerating mask of this Korean brand smoothes their skin. Shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize hands. Collagen nourishes and reduces aging. And the feet are a separate story! Who hasn’t had a problem with dry heels? The Cettua mask smoothes cracked feet. Urea and salicylic acid help get rid of calluses. The product contains betaine and shea butter, which smooth and moisturize the skin of the feet. Peppermint oil regenerates fatigued feet. Oh, what a relief!

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