Look at me is a gorgeous brand of face products that you should pay special attention to. Anyway: their very name encourages you to take a look at this interesting offer! Their mission is to increase self-confidence of their customers and find true beauty within themselves. Sounds tempting, right? Would you like your cheerful smiling and pretty face to convey the message: „Look at me”? Check out the products that they have in portfolio and think which cosmetic will complement your toiletry bag! You can choose from a wide range of goodies intended strictly for the face: sheet masks, eye patches and cleansing strips. Holistic care of your mouth will become even easier and more enjoyable with the „Look at me” brand. Will you give it a chance?

Face Masks

Having one face mask is a cool deal. However, having 10 face masks is a great deal! This is what we can find in the offer of the „Look at me” brand. Which one is the most tempting to you? They provide various effects, e.g. deep cleansing, increasing elasticity, rejuvenating, firming, hydrating, and many more. Their names are pretty cute as well. Look at them! We got for example Bubble Bubble Face Mask, Best Friend Face Mask, Guacamole Face Mask and others. Check out which one would be the best for you.

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Eye patches

If you’re looking for a synonym for “relief”, we’ve already found it: Eye patches. Imagine putting these hydrogel wonders under your eyes and waiting for the magic to happen. “Look at me” offers 7 variants. We have here, among others, energizing products with green tea or vitamins. There are also eye patches with aloe vera, rose and watermelon that will moisturize you wonderfully. Those with retinol will prevent aging. Choose wisely or take them all!

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Let’s make clean pores! Everyone would like to have a smooth and beautiful face. The nose pore strips from the „Look at me” brand may be helpful. We have versions for both men and women. You can choose from several variants. We offer, among others: green tea strips, aloe vera strips, charcoal strips (a favourite item among facecare lovers, also in the men’s version!), lavender strips. Okay, so just put it on your skin and tear it off! Simple solutions are the best.

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