18.21 MAN MADE: an extraordinary grooming experience

A true gentleman is not afraid to look and feel good. He is a man that wants premium quality only. And for such gentlemen the exquisite brand 18.21 Man Made is intended. Their aim is to support the Society of Men with meticulously crafted premium grooming provisions. This barrel house is owned and operated by three men who look for something more in the world of grooming goods. Their inspiration is the prohibition era and that’s why they “bootleg” their own exclusive grooming mixtures. The name of the brand is an homage to the 18th amendment that started this period, and then was repealed by the 21st amendment. Intriguing, right? As much as their cosmetics repertoire! They go by saying: “Don’t take any wooden nickels”. Are you ready for this traditional men’s grooming experience? Discover this atmospheric world for yourself!


It is known that a man needs multifunctional solutions. However, does such an option guarantee the highest quality? Well, when it comes to 18.21 Man Made – yes, of course! They offer a unique line of products for hair and body care. Their cosmetics clean and condition from head to toe. Oh, and they smell so good… While we’re already talking about the aromas – check out their perfumes with an original, masculine fragrance. Can you imagine the scent of Sweet Tobacco Spirits? You better feel it on your own skin. Literally.

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Having a beard and mustache is a big decision. Properly groomed facial hair could be one of the greatest visual strengths of a man. Caring for your beard can be turned into an extremely masculine, elegant and meticulous experience. A personal project that you do on a regular basis to make you feel and look better. Using good paste, pomade, wax – it all can turn into a ritual. 18.21 Man Made cosmetics can shape, refine texture and control frizz. Which stylish jar tempts you most?

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