BLING POP: Charming, sparkling and playful!

The name itself is meaningful! Bling Pop sounds really cool, doesn’t it? These Koreans have fantasy! We must admit that they also have great knowledge about care. Let’s go back to the name for a moment and try to explain it. The brand’s philosophy is BLING – to be charming, sparkling + POP – to give an amazing product that will cheer you up and give you a lot of joy. They also call themselves PLAYFUL – because they love and offer awesome colors to choose from. Sounds great. And what is in the offer of this fun brand? They specialize in a wide range of skin care masks. You will find masks for the face, nails (which is quite innovative!), hands and feet. What’s worth mentioning, this brand produces cosmetics based on natural ingredients. So, who is willing to try the power of masks straight from Korea?


We want to make a love confession. Sheet masks, we can’t live without you! Do you feel that too? If so, it is high time to use the Korean brand Bling Pop. We offer you relief and pleasure for your face in the form of a few types of masks: Soothing (with black bamboo extract that perfectly cleans), Brightening (with Niacinamide particles and rice bran extract), Skin Elastic (with collagen) Vitamin + brightening (with lemon extract) and Firming + brightening (with peach extract).

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Who said masks are only for the face? Nail masks are an interesting option. They have shea butter, which is rich with natural Vitamin E that moisturizes fingers surrounding area. The same ingredient is found in regenerating hand masks in the form of gloves. They provide soothing and glow to rough hands. The last product is a foot mask, designed like a sock, that instantly comforts the skin. Shea Butter nourishes and moisturizes dry, cracked feet, leaving skin smooth and soft.

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