FRIENDS: - How you doin’? - Oh, pretty nice!

If you smile happily at the words „How you doin’?”, you’ve come to the right place. You should definitely make friends with the brand … FRIENDS! Although the last episode of the American TV show was broadcast in 2004, it is still amazingly popular! Well, it’s hardly surprising. The adventures of the Manhattan crew is a pretty cool story. Speaking of pretty… Aura Distribution has decided to release skincare line licensed by the Warner Bros. Lip, face and hand care products signed with the iconic logo must appear in your toiletry bag! Another idea is that you can give these cosmetics as a gift for a true fan of the show. Do you know any? We bet so! In the meantime, check out why these great, “friendly” products are so awesome.


In the lip care series, you will find three „friends” of your mouth. FRIENDS orange softening lip balm will restore the natural softness and elasticity. FRIENDS protective vanilla lip balm will improve the condition of the lips and protect them against external factors. Mmm…. The vanilla scent is really nice! The last blueberry moisturizing and regenerating lip balm is a treat for people who like double action. Smile widely and happily (just like Phoebe!) and take care of your lips!

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Remember all the scenes where Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica chill out at home? Invite your girlfriends and watch together some episodes! Preferably during skincare. The FRIENDS line offers sheet masks: the moisturizing one with fig extract and hyaluronic acid, the banquet one with coffee and ginseng extracts, and the cleansing one with white peony root extract and AHA acids. We wonder which masks characters from the show would choose for themselves. But the most important question is: which one do you choose?

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef like Monica, a guitar player like Phoebe or a fashionista like Rachel. Each hand needs tenderness and our products offer it. Check out the moisturizing and smoothing hand cream. 96% ingredients of natural origin, rose oil, vitamin E and panthenol. Maybe you work as a paleontologist like Ross, you are an actor like Joey, or you work… um, nobody knows where, like Chandler. Whatever your profession is, you need palms taken care of! Our hand mask contains shea butter, urea and panthenol. It is the perfect regenerating composition!

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