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Aura Distribution is honesty. We believe in transparency and high quality. Thanks to such an approach, we have achieved impressive results! For 13 years we have created 4000 POS, and have achieved a multi-million reach of influencers. Our appetite for more grows because we believe in the power of care! Various corners of the world, such as Korea, USA, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain offer good brands of cosmetics. We’ve found them! Since 2008, our mission has been to acquire the best products for care. We have Korean products such as ShangpreeJumiso and Cettua. Licensed brands are a special treat to engaged fans. Have you heard of Pusheen, FRIENDS and Harry Potter. Gentlemen, Aura Distribution remember about you too!18.21 Man Made. In 2021, we launched our own brand of cosmetics – Aura Naturals, whose products correspond to our values: quality + harmony with nature. Immerse yourself in our beautiful world of lotions, gels, masks, skincare products, accessories and more!

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