Bubble T: Truly Fruitful Care!

Do you want your skin care to be… fruitful? Well, we have the perfect solution! Check out Bubble T, which is inspired by the phenomenon of a delicious tea-based drink. Yum, have you tried it? But let’s focus on the brand now! It was launched in 2014 and since then, Bubble T has expanded with many amazing products. Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a variety of tea-infused ingredients and essential oils. Imagine lying in the bathtub, using these cosmetics and feeling so good and just… free! Speaking of „free”, it’s worth mentioning that Bubble tea is free from SLS, parabens and harsh detergents. Needless to say, the cosmetics are not tested on animals and the products are based on real tea. And those creative packaging, wow! So… who’s willing to have some tea? Bubble T?


Are you an enthusiast of a good bath? Well, silly question, who isn’t? After all, it’s the most enjoyable moment of the day. Therefore, take care of every detail! Bubble T has a wealth of aromatic ranges to offer. Sometimes you want to refresh yourself with Moroccan Mint tea. Another time, you need sweeter experience and fruity combinations. And look at this Confetea Edition! Has anyone ordered an explosion of colors? See what Bubble T has to offer and enjoy these wonders in your own bathroom.

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Do you know what is the best present for a loved one? An amazing experience! A gift set with Bubble T products is a guarantee of pleasant time. The packaging is creative, colorful, trendy and simply gorgeous. These marvelous goods bring the fun back into the bathroom with bright colors and standout scents. Beautiful, of good quality and affordable – what more could you want? Well, maybe a good book for the tub. And Bubble T will provide your friend with great relaxation. The best gift idea ever!

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