The website contains cookie files. Note! Using this website without changing default settings of your browser means that they will be put in your final device. Remember that you can always change the settings. More information below…

What are „cookie” files?
„Cookie” files are small text files recording activity of users online. They facilitate moving around the website and undertaking various activities because they recognize the device of the User and display the website fitting their individual preferences. Switching them off may result in incorrect functioning of the script and lack of access to some functions.

What kind of „cookie” files do we use and how are they used?
Cookie files store information on language chosen by users in which the website is displayed, switching them off will make it impossible to browse the website in various languages (if this website is displayed in several languages). Cookies also save statistical data on the number of visits and PHPSESSID. External cookie files used by possible partners of the website (e.g. Google, Facebook, Allegro, Stat24, Youtube etc.) are subject to their own Privacy Policy.

Removal of „cookie” files.
Normally software used for browsing websites accepts placing „cookie” files on final device by default. The settings may be changed in such a way that they block automatic operation of „cookie” files in settings of the web browser or inform about every event of sending to the user device. Detailed information on possibilities and methods of using „cookie” files is available in software settings (of the web browser). NOTE! Limitation in the use of „cookie” files may affect some functionalities available on the website.