HARRY POTTER: The real magic of daily care

There are so many wonderful things in a world full of magic! Inspired by the extraordinary universe of Harry Potter, we decided to create cosmetics that will charm you fully! Don’t worry, it won’t be a bad spell: we concentrate only on good magic: dazzling faces, beautifying properties and effects as shining and quick as a lightning! As Aura Distribution we have decided to release a skincare line licensed by Warner Bros. It was a very wise decision – as if it had been made by the one and only Hermione Granger! This line is a smart choice because its effects are truly enchanting. We’ve created two major lines: Hogwarts Constellation and It’s Time To Do Magic. Look carefully at our wide offer and decide which charming, magical products will come to your toiletry bag. Who knows: maybe an owl will bring them?

Hogwarts Constellation

This line consists of two lip balms filled with magic flecks, a peeling face gel, a hypoallergenic soap, a shampoo and a silver-colored shower gel. What’s so charming about that? In addition to pleasant textures, charming packaging and excellent effects, it is worth paying attention to the fragrances! The amazing aroma of sweet wood & refreshing aroma of mountain spring… Doesn’t that sound magical? Products contain the overwhelming majority of ingredients of natural origin. Enchanting cosmetics cast spells that ensure long-term beneficial effects, care and regeneration for your body.

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It’s Time To Do Magic

Natural and good ingredients really do magic. The line consists of 25 products. As you know, Hogwarts has four houses, and for each of them we provide four options! Let yourself be enchanted by sheet masks (black sheets with sparkling colors of every home), lip balms (slightly coloring in pink), gentle facial cleansing mousses, hypoallergenic soaps, shampoos and shower gels. The line also includes a hand cream showing all four houses on the package! This is not only great care, but also a nice gift idea.

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