WOW!: Keep your head up, your hair will be safe!

WOW! is a really meaningful name. It’s a perfect idea to call such a brand as an exclamation of delight and admiration. They provide customers with delightful hair bands available in a few color versions. Always keep these practical accessories with you! Hair bands can be used during all the beauty and make-up rituals, fitness exercises, a relaxing visit to the spa, a pleasant bath or an enjoyable massage. What’s more, imagine those cute selfies with the band on your hair! They have a movable bow that can be detached. It is not only about functionality. It’s also a gentle covering of your head with a delicate terry cloth, which will protect your pretty hair. What’s also cool, WOW! hair bands can be easily washed in the laundry machine. Comfort and cleanliness above all!

WOW! hair bands

WOW! hair bands are really beautiful and useful accessories that should be in every cosmetic bag. Why? In addition to amazing functionality, they provide excellent comfort. They are really soft and the terry cloth is easy to wash in the laundry machine. The basic line is available in four color variants: light pink, dark pink, mint and – for fans of the classics – black. Additionally, we are currently offering four more versions, which are Christmas Green, Dirty Red, Sunny Yellow, Cream.

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WOW! giftsets

WOW! hair bands are so functional and pretty that we couldn’t help ourselves but add them to our special offer! Do you know our giftsets section? If you enjoy giving (and receiving) thoughtful presents, check it out. We prepared carefully assembled sets with your favorite hair bands and sheet masks. We propose both all-year and occasional Christmas gift sets. This offer is a practical and pretty cool solution for those who are looking for the perfect gift. We won’t tell anyone if you make a present to yourself!

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